Healthcare Proposal

This proposal outlines a new healthcare system business model that is sustainable and better serves patients than those currently on the table. In the process, it creates better conditions for physicians and other health workers to provide care. Both altruistic and pragmatic, the plan uses a “corporation” model owned by the citizens of the United States in which each person has a vote. Citizens retain responsibility and control of individual funds, the government serves as a fiscal agent but does not control medical care, and service providers compete for business. Costs are controlled by minimizing administrative overhead, evidence based medicine, competitive pricing, and adjusting the tax rate either up or down to maintain solvency. We envision initially instituting the system at ten sites around the country, where the models would be evaluated for effectiveness and modified as appropriate.


Key points of healthcare reform:

  • The classic definition of insurance is income redistribution based on risk with defined limits.
  • However, the present healthcare system and other proposed reforms, have few risk and no adjustments for limits. This drives the incentives for patients, doctors, and hospitals to over utilize healthcare services.
  • As for competition, since the dawn of Medicare, healthcare has moved to a system of complex price controls, which is the antithesis of competition.
  • You will know real reform is possible when the cost of doing business for hospitals and medical offices is reduced and people can no longer say that we Americans don’t understand healthcare because it is too complex.


You can download a copy of "A Proposal to Reroute and Reform the Healthcare Money Trail" by clicking here.

Download a copy of "Physician and Hospital Reimbursement: From "Lodge Medicine" to MIPS" by clicking here.


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