Who We Are

  • James J. Rice, M.D. is a general surgeon with Muskegon Surgical Associates, P.C.
  • Dennis W. Harris is the former administrator for Muskegon Surgical Associates, P.C.
  • Peggy J. Parks is a marketing consultant and the author of more than 90 nonfiction educational books for students in middle school and high school.

The journey to Healthcareinc.net began in 2007. We attended a Michigan State Medical Society Leadership Summit regarding the current healthcare system.
By the spring of 2009 after researching most of the literature regarding healthcare reform plans, ideas or themes we developed a written healthcare reform plan with a goal and action plan. Armed with our plan we attended the first White House Regional Health Reform Forum in Dearborn.

During the summer of 2009 working with a medical writer in Milwaukee, WI Healthcareinc.net developed into the plan we currently are promoting as real healthcare reform.

Our journey has been enlightening as we have discovered much about healthcare that we didn’t know, even with our many years of working in this industry. We also discovered how small our voice is compared to the hundreds of $$$millions pouring into Washington. The tragedy in the healthcare reform story is that a general miscomprehension of what health insurance is. Insurance is income redistribution based on risk with defined limits. Since individual limits and risks are not allowed as determinants for the vast majority of the healthcare premium, what remains under the present system and other proposed reforms are multiple incentives for patients, doctors, and hospitals to excessively utilize healthcare services. As for competition, since the dawn of Medicare, healthcare has moved to a system of complex price controls. This is the antithesis of competition. Only the individual is able to control the costs. In fact, though the United States has the lead in total costs, the increases as part of the GDP are evident throughout the world.

We believe that real reform will require major business model changes with a focus squarely on us, the consumer of healthcare services. You will know real reform is possible when the cost of doing business for hospitals and medical offices is reduced and when people can no longer say that we Americans don’t understand healthcare because it is too complex.